Feb 15, 2018
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Amazon Associates Review

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Amazon-AssociatesPros: With a name people trust, new features like the aStore help affiliates promote more.

Cons: Limited to only products found on Amazon.

The Verdict: They are creating stronger features in hopes to make more sales.

Amazon Associates has developed a service to members who use on their site to promote the products of the Amazon do win, while appointed a commission obtained. As Internet use grows, promoting advanced marketing services subsidiary, and with thousands of products on your website or blog, the Amazon affiliate marketing easy and fun.


One of the unique features that Amazon offers its members the possibility of creating an online store that can be embedded within, or in connection with a website. The business with the name “aStore” promote the products of the Amazon and allows visitors to all products from Amazon, or only the specific products you see. Affiliates customize individual characteristics of your store.

Do you find it easy to build a shop with its own employees? The account offers an installation tool that took us step process for generating a URL to our own store with shopping cart and product information step.

Features of the report:

Through the Reports tab at the top of the main account, Amazon offers summaries of reports and links to detailed reports on revenue, orders, and links. After you have selected to download the complete report at the Amazon are the options for a full report, please provide the details of the connection to receive commands received misc. References to the Report, the daily patterns or ID summary of the monitoring report. After selecting the type of report you want to generate, select a preset time, including quarters, months or weeks, or create a new report at a specific time period. The report can be opened and displayed on the page or downloaded in CSV or XML.

A report-link provides information on impressions, CTR, clicks, conversions, articles ordered, delivered and media information. A report request to provide information on orders and the information element without a warrant. The report provides the point on the link conversion product, click on the link products items ordered through the product links, sorted and classified by other articles. It also provides a summary of the clicks and conversion.
Each report is unique and offers different aspects of the data from your website or advertisements. Generating reports is as easy as surfing your way through the site.

Ease of use:

Sign up for an Amazon Associates account is a simple process of providing Amazon with your contact information in the specified areas. Once accepted and registered for the affiliate, the Center’s website and the account are very easy to navigate. Tabbed for the top of the page takes the user to the desired area, this page is easy and simple from the first time login, if you choose how you want to promote Amazon products on your site, follow step by step instructions and before you know it, Are you ready to earn commissions.

Search options:

Amazon allows users to search for products by category and type. Users can also search for products, the disadvantages of the other products from Amazon to promote.

Help & Support:

Amazon Associates program offers excellent customer service, communicate with the user to them about any questions or concerns about a contact or phone. There are two contact forms to contact the customer service, and found the two forms of aid. After filling out the contact form, we received an e-mail within 30 minutes to discuss our issues.

He also called the toll-free number and was within a few minutes to a customer service staff were very helpful in answering our questions. The representative was patient and knowledgeable about their services.


Although they only promote the products on Amazon, is the almost unlimited number of products compared to other utilities and the selection of distributors. Amazon Associates program has a website simple that anyone can create a webmaster large companies use personal blog writers to use the services. We found that this program is an excellent choice for affiliate marketing.

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