Aug 3, 2016
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Chrome extensions for effective SMO

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Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization or SMO, the combination of social media services is to market your product or service or website. Marketers have never looked so good it when it comes to the availability of options as many platforms these days to advertise products and services. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and all offer ways to help dealers to attract the right traffic to their blogs and websites. As a seller, you need to properly develop your strategy of SMO. Chrome browser provides flexibility, including tools and enhancements for optimizing the effective social media.

to create the idea of SMO with highly compelling content to effectively engage visitors to the page of social media. It starts with the participation of them on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Of course, it does not end because the essence is an effective SMO to build, to encourage them to visit your website or blog. He wishes to share mention, and retweet their messages some of the ways to go. It is implementing the development and the right strategy for optimal use.

To maintain the unity of the GOS, to win the heart of the customer, and to remain relevant in the social media, here are 7 Chrome extensions to effective Social Media Optimization:

# 1: BuzzSumo – you want for each page of the membership fee BuzzSumo- look? BuzzSumo has some nice features to help you shares of Twitter receive that are not officially available, Instant Share appreciate capture for popular content, a common view of a page on Twitter, analyze the content of the improved performance, share content easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

# 2: SEOquake – Want their social statistics access Facebook and Google directly from your browser? SEOQuake is one of the most comprehensive in order to achieve these objectives tools. There is a free plug-in, but powerful, provides the key indicators for SEO, and other important tools such as Mobile SEO compatibility verification check of a website that create access a wide range of social contexts a custom set, and a density of keyword determination.

# 3: Klear – This expansion will know specifically to help you make your followers on Twitter and interests are. Each profile is analyzed with special algorithms influence and display the results with a maximum of three badges. These three are the badge (1) Popularity (2) identified the badge of the answer; (3) The badge of experts. With these logos, you will be able to see how popular his disciples, and what their main interests.

# 4: vidIQ Vision for YouTube – Video is the next big thing in marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. But not all goes video viral, indicating that there are certain things that should be implemented to make a popular video. vidIQ Vision for YouTube is a popular Google Chrome extension that helps you discover the secrets of success in YouTube videos. You will be able to discover viral videos and such other views by adding this extension for the Chrome browser.

vidIQ Vision for YouTube
# 5: Conspire – Conspire is the perfect extension of the Chrome browser to connect people who want to know on LinkedIn. Finding the right people and the perfect location, bloggers or influential editors these days do not come easy; Conspire shows to tread the best way.


# 6: Linkclump – This extension allows you to copy by the mouse, to quickly open to drag the selection box around the links as new tabs, or open a new window or save as favorite.


# 7: BuiltWith Technology Profiler – SMO is not just visitors to your website or blog to generate; it also creates a good impression on their minds. BuiltWith is a powerful extension to find out what was used in the construction of large tools, a website, and reproduce on their own to get the best result. This Chrome extension can be built almost make accurate information about the tools of a website. The latest version of BuiltWith now supports HTTPS sites.


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