Aug 3, 2016
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Classifieds Website like Sulekha using and

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The main aim of the project is to provide a complete, ready to run, fully customizable website for listing and managing Classifieds Advertisements.

The features of this project are:

Easily create ad listings

  • Creating an ad is as simple as selecting the category, entering the ad details, and uploading images

Built-in search and categories simplifies finding ads

  • Built-in search enables visitors to easily find what they want
  • Customizable categories make it easy for administrators to tailor the site as needed

Built-In Site Administration

  • Advertisements and Locations
  • Users
  • Site Settings

Technologies and Design Approaches Demonstrated:

  • Three-tier architecture
  • User controls
  • Theming and Master pages

Download Source Code and Documentation – Sulekha Classifieds Website using and

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