Aug 23, 2016
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Click Bank Affiliates

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Pros: ClickBank provides excellent features, advertiser options and great commission rates.

Cons: The drawback to this service is that they only offer customer support through email.

The Verdict: ClickBank offers its users plenty of features and great service. If you choose to affiliate marketing services to e-books and software products that have found their answer in the ClickBank search focus. ClickBank offers tens of thousands of digital products to promote online for affiliates and earn commissions up to 75%.


ClickBank Affiliates allows products in four different languages, a feature to support not provided by most companies in other network marketing displays. ClickBank accepts payments in 13 currencies and allows partners to promote their products in almost every country in the world. ClickBank not every week or every two weeks once every Wednesday on behalf of the combined sales of more than five different credit card numbers (except PayPal).

A special feature we found very useful was the ClickBank HOPAD Builder. With your account, ClickBank provides the tools for you to create an ad for the decision to promote ClickBank products on your site. After clicking on your HOPAD uses a client site where you will be able to purchase a product. You earn commission for every purchase of the client clicked for 60 days to HOPAD. Deposition of the announcement of a cookie on the computer of the user who clicks on your ad, the cookie of these 60 days, when it expires. HOPAD Builder in your settings is not only easy and fun, but a good way to track customers and earn commissions.

Features of the report:
Registered users of ClickBank automatically switches to the home page of the accounts by giving them an insight into the daily and weekly sales of your account. From the homepage, users can select the “Reports” tab and you can navigate to a page with links to all the reporting options. Reports can be with the data on the payroll checks, transactions, shipping and analysis generated centered (hops, impressions, sales, refunds, etc.) In addition to reports daily statistics while the user can select the “Transactions” and get detailed statistics on each day a given period. Statistics from the “Home” page of the “transaction” are almost in real time with only a slight delay of two minutes, so that the members have their accounts at any time and can receive updates a report.

Ease of use:

It is easy for a ClickBank account, then enter your name and contact information, you will receive an email from ClickBank type the verification code and prompts you to your registration by clicking on a link to complete your account. After checking your e-mail, the attached link that you take on the home page of ClickBank accounts. Navigate through your site is ClickBank account simple and easy. The most important news of the site are in the upper right corner and, if necessary, each heading on a page below the tabs. After creating a ClickBank account, and as a member, we discovered that we navigate on our own and just see what we were looking awarded by the relevant factors and the titles of its pages and categories.

Search options:

It is easy to search ClickBank the information you provide to customize look. Categories of ascending or descending order according to their popularity, gravity, the average amount per sale, future sales prices, the average percentage per sale, total commissions from the sale and the percentage refers to filter the product. You can search for product or by product type, category, language, and to seek the kind of settlement.

Advanced search for products by entering a keyword and a general category is available. We found that to build through research advanced users provide lists of products, gravity, the average amount per sale, the price of future sales, the average percentage per sale, sales commissions and target share, above, entered beneath and between the desired amount is. The products are also on the product search: the media, or to deliver product sales increased by language: English, French, German or Spanish, depending on the type of settlement: one or repeated activation of the suppliers by date before or after a certain date in time , tools, affiliate page or a doctor.

Help & Support:

ClickBank offers help and support through the Help Center ClickBank. Click on “Contact Us” and he was taken ClickBank provides account managers of 100 members of “The center dedicated. Outside this group, members can get help from customer service. Help page contains links to a number of frequently asked questions in connection with the support of members and helps suppliers and help to explain. The questions are subcategories of help topics, including: a base support, manuals, tools and resources.

The only way customer support is by e-mail and find the team of customer service responding too slow and unnecessary. The customer service that has received our request infromation ignored our questions and told to go see their website for answers. We could not find answers on the website and that is why they have written. If you are interested in good relations between the members, they need the support of customers provided.


ClickBank not only offers a selection of top traders to promote their members, but also a wide range of features and functions available to use their members. The services are easy to use and is highly recommended as a business affiliate marketing top.

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