Feb 15, 2018
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Commission Junction Review

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Commission Junction Affiliate NetworkPros: Commission Junction is easy to use with countless options in every spectrum.

Cons: No forum where users can openly discuss topics concerning the services.

The Verdict: Large amount of merchants and features than any other service company.

Advertisers and publishers will appreciate the ease and success of Commission Junction (CJ) has offered. We have through research and comparison of affiliate marketing services from a variety of companies that CJ has everything we were looking for a suitable location, and we win TopTenREVIEWS Gold. CJ offers the largest selection of merchants to choose the publishers and is one of the largest affiliate marketing online. Their site is easy to navigate and offers more options than any other information services company. CJ has been our best option for companies looking now or later for an experience of affiliate marketing effectively and globally.


CJ offers more features than many other companies affiliate marketing. One of its features is a set of Web-based e-mail that affiliates and advertisers can fit with others. This makes it easier for both parties to a means of communication without any intermediary to have to forward messages. Although not classified advertisers that CJ “premium advertisers” are not well known and large companies are able to generate more traffic through advertising, fees have increased.

CJ told the members over a link or ad has expired, so they can keep their site up to date. For members who are managers at several locations, the Chief Justice an easy way for you, your ads and tracking statistics for each location to handle.

Some customers with promotions and incentives, and CJ, customers can access easily by adding them to your links page. Incentives are created by advertisers to promote better corporate performance. CJ offers a choice of payment by check or direct deposit. to review monthly payment frequency and the threshold of ₨2,239.12 for the direct deposit and ₨4,478.25

Features of the report:

CJ has the ability to let them know what your site is done at any time, with updated reports with real-time statistics. The reports are week after week, month after month and year after year data so that users every few weeks, months or years and see changes in their statistics. This is a useful and popular information with affiliated companies, particularly large companies with an eye on your stats.

The website offers performance and reporting of transactions. It is easy to prepare a report and find the topic that interests you because each option has a drop-down menu. Through performance reports, users are able to see the trend of monthly performance, sales, sales, leads, clicks, conversion rate (CR) and earnings per 100 clicks (EPC). You can also create a performance report on a special website, which covers a time period or date range. CJ is reported based on their top ten advertisers per week or per month to generate so that you can see who brings in most of the commission income. We also found that the reports for archiving and online study can be saved.

Types of transaction report:  Summary of the Commission, the Commission, the summary of transactions and details of the transaction. These reports can be sorted by date or event poster using such advertising, sales, sales, lead, click on Advanced per thousand impressions, performance bonuses and incentives). These reports can also cover a certain period or a series of dates and details how the costs of balance and current balance.

With the large number of CJ provides reports properties, the process of preparing a report is very simple and easy.

Ease of use:

It’s free and easy to use as a publisher with Commission Junction Sign. Registration is fast and immediately after registration users receive an e-mail that they log into your account and start offered by the company’s services will allow. To register, simply enter your contact information, web address can be used for advertising and pay as they want. After submitting your information and be sent to the moral, e-mail to your account. After clicking on the link to your e-mail and identity, all that the Chief Justice now to confirm your fingertips.

Home Page Commission Junction ( provides information for each user account and statistics from their website. Quick Stats on the home page Web site is located, are sales of livestock commission, leads, clicks and impressions, click-through rate (CTR) and earnings per 1000 impressions (EPM) and earnings per click (EPC). There is also the implementation of programs and sales displays of more than seven days, together three months.

The site is designed with an easy to use. Any page on the installation will take you to another page or section of the website. The tab takes the user account the parameters of the administration, where they may be amended in a position to account settings and payment information and user taxes.

Search options:

Hand in hand with the ease of this page, the search options by the Chief Justice are provided. Affiliates can sift through the ads and use a variety of research in order to meet your needs. Advertising can be collected in accordance with state approval, proposed, pending, accepted or rejected by the poster. You can also place their ads and the revenue per click links, type, size, relationship, and to seek the state.

CJ has learned that looking for members and allows them to easily search for answers and information you are looking for. We found the site easy to use, if you use the search engine on the site, and were able to recover your data in one minute.

Help & Support:

CJ and friendly customer service representatives. Each time you call the toll-free number on your CJ-site, we have the ability to quickly connect to a representative who is able to answer our questions was. Most were kept while trying to contact a representative was 3.5 minutes.

The site also offers FAQs, including topics such as: What is a Publisher? What is a customer? What is an affiliate marketing program? CJ How do I know, what publishers pay for a transaction? If the ads of advertisers available in multiple languages? These questions and many other useful questions and answers can be found on its website.
If you become a member and has access to your account to be taken to the home page of the CJ Account Manager page. From this page, you can click “Help” and ask your question and get a concrete answer for you and your customer service team at CJ.

There are several ways a publisher CJ and customer service and fast time to help them and/or support for your account quickly to reduce stress or concerns you have.


We found Commission Junction affiliate marketing, we saw the best. Offer a simple and organized in terms of your account and track their ads. With features of the site, reports, search facilities and customer support and the choice of advertisers, this company has what every affiliate marketer looking for in one place.

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