Aug 23, 2016
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Commission Soup

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Pros: CommissionSoup provides the key functions affiliates need.

Cons: They don’t supply as many options for data reports, searches and feeds.

The Verdict: Small company with a variety of marketing options.  Although it is difficult to register CommissionSoup when you become a member you the services that we offer can enjoy. His choice is not as extensive as other affiliate marketing services, but offer a variety of vendors and products, the consideration of many flights take us to support.

Commision Soup


CommissionSoup has several support functions and key resources for partners to add products. They are like the services of other affiliate marketing providers, monitor traffic on our site. Additional options for text and Flash surveillance and provide links and banners.

Features of the report:

Although CommissionSoup offers only half of the reporting capabilities we needed, they are still many features of the desire of many members provide. Following the signing of your account, members ‘reports’ that the will report and access to different categories to choose generate the reports console. The options for the report data are the monthly fees, traffic, traffic by day, date, sales through the program, sales and premiums for the program, the referrer URL and the cost of the program. Users can also select the calendars you to generate the data and select the desired format of the report in HTML, CSV, Tab, Pipe, and Excel.

Ease of use:

CommissionSoup not find a user-friendly website. The first time I visited the website, we have the page that will allow us would be to create an account. We chose the “Contact” and wrote a call for help. We received an email in response, but after answering the mail, they never heard back from the customer service representatives. We have tried to register again, but I did not find the registration page. With a different e-mail address that sent a message through the “Contact Us” and asked with a customer service representative, I had to do to become a member. This time we have received a reply e-mail to say that we do not receive requests for new members at this time.

The entire site has an easy to use. In general, the place is effective and easy to navigate. The cards provide an excellent navigation and enable users to a variety of functions and features very easy to find. CommissionSoup provides all the data remains in the middle of the screen. For users with a wide screen that creates a lot of empty space on the sides of the monitor. We want a couple of times I have information that could lead instead to go far.

Search options:

Searching for the soup of the Committee include the categories and programs, e-mail or incentives. All searches were established by the categories of search terms, but already CommissionSoup and users can choose from this list. Categories and subcategories be made available and users can choose generic or more filters.

Help & Support:

In addition to the offer e-mail “Contact Us” CommissionSoup have a toll-free number to communicate with the user with a live customer service representative. We contacted a representative to be able to answer all our questions were quickly and efficiently. The agent has a broad knowledge of services and were friendly and seemed interested in us. After recording CommissionSoup offer account manager for all members of a dedicated account and commissions paid.


CommissionSoup offers several key features that make it one of the ten best affiliate marketing services today. Are you looking for a large company with a number of options you can try one of the largest providers of punctuation. Search On the other hand, if you are looking for a quality product website that provides important functions, look no further than CommissionSoup.

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