Aug 3, 2016
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CTG Carbon Calculator in ASP.Net

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Here, we discuss CTG Carbon Calculator Project. A carbon dioxide emission calculator for buildings created by the U.S.-based company CTG Energetics, Inc. and based on an Excel file has been converted to an ASP.NET / SQL Server web application. Carbon dioxide emissions are calculated using data given by the user (i.e. floor area, workdays per year) in combination with statistical data used in user-selectable presets (i.e. building type, climate zone, type of water-using fixtures).

In most cases, a custom value can be inserted instead of using a preset. Emissions attributable both directly and indirectly to the building such as building energy use, domestic water use, landscape/irrigation, transportation, materials used for the building/parking lot and the disposal of solid waste are calculated. The emissions can be compared with a national average and/or emissions from alternate scenarios created for the same building. The web application contains some upgrades and extra functionality that would not have been possible in Excel such as user handling.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Mäkivierikko, Aram

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