Aug 21, 2016
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Facebook Review

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Facebook is a social networking site that began exclusively for students and available by invitation only. Now it is a cultural phenomenon sweeping the world. With more people around the world as MySpace, Facebook has emerged as the undisputed market leader among social networking sites.

FacebookThe network consists of hundreds of independent networks around schools, businesses and regions. Although registration is now open to the public, the site still meets college and high school population is focused on networking with groups and social activism.

Profiles allow you to photos, comments, blogs and post applications. It also has some of the best options for online privacy. We think that Facebook is the use of the website is to promote, relationships with people you already know, or encourage friends of friends. Within hours we were in contact with dozens of old friends, relatives and acquaintances.

The only criticism is we lack of customization options Facebook. However, most users and even design and usability of the site, as it is. Select is really between MySpace and Facebook a matter of personal taste and interface goes where his friends are. But if you are new in the whole social network, then Facebook is the place to be.


Facebook website design is simple, graphics or decoration, but they managed a utility uniform interface to create the most users love. Although you can not adjust or change the color, you can adjust the position of certain information fields on your profile, drag and drop other items on the screen. Unlike MySpace, Facebook is just what others see based on the site when they look at their profile. You see what you see. When you register, your location and / or in the school to its first “network” to be from there, others can see their network of friends or colleagues.

Once you have someone you want to connect, send message to find a list of your friends and upload them to your friends network. Send photos, notes and messages. Your friends can also submit comments on the wall of your profile.

Facebook applications are probably the most attractive location. One of the first social networking sites to third-party applications on your system to add, have a variety of options to choose from. Tags evidence they can support, nourish, and much more.

Some other interesting aspects of Facebook profiles are on automatic and news. Auto-linking occurs when a name, and share your interests or the portion of the training. The link takes you to other people who also lead to the same interest in writing or at the chosen school. This is not an exact science, but the kind of fun, their selection will be shared by other members of your music, movie or book.

News feeds mini work as spies. If you feed someone to subscribe, or to subscribe to you, your friends can see what music you hear is the Web site or what you bought on Amazon.


Users must be over 13 years old to register on Facebook. Under his contract of Facebook, states that no offensive content is allowed, such as language and sexually explicit images, but also argue that it is monitoring their responsibility for the content of your site. Members, all content they deem offensive Facebook Report provides a “report this person” in all profile pages.

Facebook is one of the specific privacy settings and for all services we tested that you customized. In addition to his full profile private, you can choose which messages in your profile that you want to view and to whom. For example, the wall will be open to all, but your photos can be configured to only your friends or friends of friends are displayed. The same goes for your personal information, education, employment and contact information.

Facebook also allows you the user and profile block spam abuse. In addition, you can not in the database can be found without registration Facebook.


Facebook groups are their bread and butter. As universities to create groups is if Facebook. They can have their favorite band, candidates and local political organizations. They have over 500 groups in 23 categories.

Facebook has really increased its network functions. Before, it was just a simple choice for people with similar interests, so the network. Now they are filled with additional options such as applications and instant messaging, forums, photos and more pronounced. Facebook also lets you send entire albums with photos of friends, even if they are not members of the Facebook community.

Recently more attention to features such as downloading videos, and develop the market. We also found an application for Facebook Mobile, a mobile version of Facebook that can be accessed on your phone.


You can not search the database without a Facebook user registered. Please register at least one network to browse or search for people. Click on “Join a network” and select a network to your location, or the school office. Click “Browse” and a membership List at random from the new network appears. You can also view a list of groups within your network.

Unlike similar sites, it is difficult to go in a “research” and the members. We have to work or school or city to see the connected by links in your profile. Once you start, friends, you can find more friends across networks of friends.

You can also find people just by their name, e-mail or AIM buddy list and Windows Live. Facebook has found a “people to the section that can find a list of people according to the information in your profile that you know or closes a connection. We realized that people in general have high school or college recorded.

Help / Support: 

Facebook has started a help section complete with ‘. Frequently asked questions are divided into various areas of the website that the account settings for privacy and security, applications, advertising, social ads, mobile and more. There is also a section giving suggestions and devoted an entire section to ensure the safety for parents and users.

Legal approach: 

Facebook invites to friendships with people outside the Internet and use your website as a community between you and your friends in real life. When he a Facebook account that we are not a piece of spam or fake friend request had been received. We feel safe with this service, not a scary feeling, while area residents age, gender, location or chat “how are you?” In a direct comparison with MySpace, Facebook, the presence of spam and trolling has been reduced to a minimum.


Facebook is a social networking site that wastes no time dressing fluorescent. This is a place of meaning with many options for networking and open source applications and a welcoming atmosphere that really can not go wrong.

Moreover, it is a place we feel safe. Although most people have accounts with Facebook and MySpace, Facebook and the queen-to-site to keep in touch with family and friends, meet again with old friends and new friends. If you are not in the car of Facebook, we have only one question: what are you waiting for?

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