Aug 21, 2016
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Gmail Review

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Gmail offers an excellent protection against spam, phishing and virus warnings analysis, the last organization, conversation view, POP3 access and 15 GB memory Inbox is more and more each day.

GmailIn addition to publishing Gmail chat, documents and spreadsheets online, personalized homepage, mobile access, view the RSS feeds that notify you when you receive a new message and your account never expires. However, Gmail is an exclusive club, you must be invited to participate.


Gmail has security spam, viruses and phishing protection. All spam to a spam folder that you can separate the wheat from the chaff will be filtered, scanned all incoming and outgoing messages against known viruses and suspicious messages such as fraud, “phishing” Look marked with a big red flag in the top of the message. In addition, you can report spam and phishing attacks to Google.

Despite found anti-spam from Gmail this category are a little disappointed because we are not simply the amount of spam filter with low, medium or proprietary.


Google Mail offers some of the best Internet messaging organization. His pride and joy is the “conversation” of the interface. Instead of a list of e-mails back and forth between you and a friend or colleague all the answers and sent messages are filtered through a cable with the appropriate number of messages in this conversation. For example, continuing, if you recently had contact with an old friend and meet for several weeks, your inbox might look like this: “I, Marco (9) How have you been?” The first person on the list in this case “I” means the person who started the conversation.

You can also create custom filters and all the messages of “de”, ordered a “,” topic “, the words” and “no”. Messages can be places where the labels (folders), and saw, deleted or forwarded. Gmail does not contain decision ads on your pages, however, the subtle ads that rely on the text of your e-mail on the right side of the page. The analysis of the computer against bots messages and place relevant ads for you. Google insists that the human eye will never see their messages, but if you see feel uncomfortable with this arrangement, no e-mail service free of charge 2, Windows Live Hotmail.


Gmail at the top of the list when it comes to extra features and extras. Gmail is the only service we reviewed, which included an instant messaging program with no additional downloads. If one of your contacts are logged into your account, you can chat with them. If you both have webcams, Google comes with software and video chat. With mobile access to your Gmail account, you can send and receive e-mails on their BlackBerry or other mobile device. Gmail Notifier also offers a downloadable version on your PC.

Gmail has two special features. You can visit your page and documents and spreadsheets online to. To customize your home page, you can choose from a list of several RSS feeds from Google are provided or you can import your own RSS feeds from your favorite websites and place them on your homepage. Google Mail documents and spreadsheets, edit function, you can publish a paper or spreadsheet online and access them from anywhere, such as online storage. This is ideal for group projects at school or at work, where all team members can access the same material. Gmail is also in dozens of languages from Arabic to Vietnamese. Gmail offers many extras. Especially love Picasa for photos, a calendar for planning and personalized iGoogle homepage.

Support / Ease of Use: 

E-mail can not get much easier. However, be invited to join Gmail from a friend. All new accounts come with 50 invitations and you are free to spend what you want.

Gmail Help section includes online help, tutorials, FAQs and message boards. All our questions were answered with the simple search function. However, no contact by e-mail if you do not find you your answer using the supplied hardware.


Gmail is now the undisputed leader in the e-mail on the Web. It is a safe, easy to program that brings the world to use his hands.

Gmail is one of the few free services we reviewed, the launched a strong anti-phishing protection. In addition, it was the only service that is a function of the documentation and worksheet to multiple people is access. Although we would like free online storage, and documentation and the role of the table, built-in Google a lot of useful accessories that our only complaint about Gmail is only with him to the end.

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