Aug 21, 2016
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Hi5 Review

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Take a virtual tour-high five when you join the global website Hi5 social networks. Do not limit your circle of friends for people you know from school or community with more than 70 million members, discover the unlimited possibilities of connecting with people around the world for free. In addition, we performed hi5’s all free advertising.

hi5hi5 offers customized profiles and security settings and applications. Some things to keep hi5 is difficult for our three search options, sad, and help in the support area and the dependence of applications.


You can create your page using hi5 skins of other users. However, if you apply for a further skin can be customized using HTML or CSS. You can also use the simple profile editor, which allows you to change the background color, species and sizes of letters. In your profile page, for information about yourself as a physical description, you’re networking, where you are looking for your birth date, education and occupation.

You can write journal entries, upload photos, music and video. Add existing friends from Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail, and join groups. You can also see who visits your profile within 30 days. All major categories of hi5 site is on top of each page and a page highlighting the category of the current page (news, video, music, etc.) so that you can use the site are displayed. A Google search box for searching available on the internet or you can use photos and video on the website hi5. Visit the website in seven languages.

You need Macromedia Flash to join the chat rooms, which are based on common interests and communicate with the people in your area.


There is a “Privacy” on top of each page you can accept a number of privacy settings, including those who look at your profile, feedback and adjustments news and photos. hi5 allows very precise in the definition of privacy options. Each section of your profile can have its own privacy settings as friends, all users, photos and more tagging.


hi5 offers networking features like groups, but were surprised to see that does not include instant messaging, chat rooms or entertainment features such as music or videos. Most network hi5 properties are highly dependent on their applications. We would love to see dedicated sections for music and video. Hi5 also found no way to upload your own videos.

Browse categories or classes of keyword search of the group. A number next to each category of the group is the number of groups within this category.


We had some trouble using hi5 search. You can find friends using the address book of e-mail. If you make contacts in the search box hi5 e-mail to your address. Apart from the search for friends by e-mail, you can search by keyword. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

Despite finding a Google search box at the top of your profile page to a friend, you must enter a few keywords as the name of a person to obtain results. From there you can let go of an expanded search that you search for people by name, age and location.

Help / Support: 

hi5 provides a long list of questions and answers to questions or change by answering the different features of the site. Check e-mail or submission form of questions. They offer a ticket system for technical errors, but do not expect an answer if you have a general question of the site.

Legal approach: 

hi5 search function is difficult to find it very difficult for foreigners and random friend requests. We feel safe with hi5 website and there are no spam or unwanted.


Hi5 has adapted a variety of features such as chat rooms, groups and profile. In general, hi5 is a social networking site, but that is very popular all over the world, but we want to see a greater integration of “wasting time” features like video and music. While we wish he would have ads on your site.<

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