Dec 17, 2016
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Hide My IP Review – Continuation – Part 2

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# Why Hide My IP is better from other security Products.?

This is a single product which has multiple features otherwise if you buy other security-related software, you need to pay more as compared to Hide My IP and other software also take $ $/month fees in this scenario if your per month license is expired then you can’t use these type online service. But Hide my IP you can buy through one-time fee.

Hide My IP

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If you bought Hide My IP software, then below I am giving you step by step demo training how you can easily use this awesome software. This software interface is very easy and user-friendly; if you are a non-technical person then you can also use this software.

If you have these type question like below:

  • How to hide my ip online?
  • How to change your ip?
  • How to hide ip address?
  • How to hide your ip address?

These type questions answer is, first of you need to buy Hide My IP or you can download 30 days trial version software, install into your PC. And Run this software by help of icon. You can see this icon on your desktop, like below given image.

Note :

Inside this article I am using Premium license version, if you are using trial version then I don’t know what services are disable into trial software and what are working.

Now after launch your application, you can see exact image which I cover here, inside this image I am giving full description of all option which you can set.


Now here, your target is IP hide, then Go to Software interface and select top section button HIDE MY IP and holla it’s done.


Advanced Settings of Hide My IP Software

If you want to implement hide my ip software setting then below I will cover with description. Advanced setting installation wizard panel are divided into two section.

1. Browsers Settings

Browsers setting section you can implement hide my setting on which browser, if you want to implement hide my ip settings on only chrome then you can select Google chrome browser check box.


With the Windows edition of Hide My IP, users can also define which programs they want to hide their IP with, (e.g. only web browsers).

With other VPN providers, this option does not exist, it forces the user to hide their IP with all programs and the user can not choose.


Browser privacy settings provide you fully independence from browser privacy, here you can select available agent.

2. Others Setting

This is important section, Hide My IP will protect all Internet traffic with 256 bit secure encryption. if you want to prevent men I middle attack, then you can check here “Encrypt my connection with SSL

Here you can see special setting means, if you want to block any special countries IP address then you need only put your IP list into Enable Discard IP list section, by this help all IP which you put into Discard IP section then all are block.

Now time is last option, this option provides facility for IP rotation, means you can automatically change your IP address with in specific time. For this option you need to check “Enable Smart IP Rotation

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