Dec 17, 2016
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Hide My IP Review – Part 1

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Hide My IP: Every day lots of people use internet, and approx. 3% people face problem computer hacking and approx. 15% people information gathering, foot-printing. Before any type computer hacking, every hacker want to get target information, this computer information gathering process also known as foot-printing.  If you want to prevent these type problem and you are looking best platform, where you can independently perform your task without any risk like computer hacking, location tracing, foot-printing and etc, Hide My IP is best solution for you.

Hide My IP

Problem which you should Know, which is most dangers for your computer.

Before anything, first you should know how many type conditions you can face when you don’t aware from basic security technology.

  1. Anyone can trace your location and find real place.
  2. Easily gather your computer information like your IP address, your computer mac address and operating system information.
  3. If your computer always hold sensitive (confidential data then attacker can easily download your data) it’s too risky.
  4. Man in Middle Attack – In this technology any hacker can easily track and can easily find your real data with in very short time if you didn’t have SSL encryption.
  5. If you are searching lot’s and lot’s on Google then  I think you faced captcha problem regularly, and sometime after Google will block your searching for some short time like for 1 days or 2 days. If next time you also repeat same procedure then you will face this problem again.
  6. Approximately all internet website track your IP, when you visit on these website, if you want to hide yourself from other, this is a drawback for you.

Solution for All Upper Given Problems

Now going on all previous given problem’s solution, we can resolve these type all problem by help of various technology solution like.. I am describing all these solution step by step.

  • Sol. 1 :- If you can randomly change your computer IP then you can easily prevent your location tracing problem, many random IP generator software are available into software world you can buy.
  • Sol. 2 :- If any hacker find you real IP then he can easily find out your computer information by help of nmap penetration tool, By this tool anyone can easily get your computer OS version information, MAC Address and other informative information. Make sure always use IP hider or MAC address Changer.
  • Sol. 3: – Use firewall or updated antivirus which can block your all unnecessary computer ports, and hacker can’t access your data.
  • Sol. 4:- if your computer not have any VPN(Virtual Private Network) software and you are using regular http protocol( means port 80) then anyone can attack on your data, then mostly use SSL secure website or VPN services.
  • Sol. 5:- if you are using random location or IP changer then you can automatically resolve this problem and can easily searched lot’s or lot’s on internet.
  • Sol. 6:- Again if you are using IP hider, VPN service or MAC address changer then any website can’t able to hold your information.

I think you are understand, why you should know about your computer security issues, and need to implement security related tricks into your computer. Now I am talking about one great security software, which I also use into my personal computer for security. This software providing me fully independence from surf anywhere without leave your foot prints or tracing problem,

If you are Anonymous Lover, and regular user for onion directory website then this product providing you extra security from application tracing problem.

Hide My IP : Single Solution of all Security Problems

Hide-My-IP is a best security software, which providing security from all upper given problem, Every day millions of user regularly use this software. if you want to provide best internet security to your computer then this product is best fit for you. By this software you can easily access block website by help of VPN technology.

“Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send anonymous email, and encrypt your Internet connection. Protect your online privacy by changing your IP with Hide My IP.”

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Key Features of Hide My IP:

  1. Protect your Identity
  2. Surf anywhere anonymously
  3. Encrypt your internet connection by encryption algorithm for prevent MIMA.
  4. Prevent all type tracing from government agencies or other.
  5. Protect your specific application from Application services hacking.
  6. Randomly change your IP and MAC address.
  7. One-time payment fee, not need to pay per month services.
  8. Send anonymously email anywhere.
  9. Access anonymous website with fast access browsing.
  10. Resolve Google searching captcha problems.


Hide My IP currently have over 70 IP locations to choose from and growing. You can choose these location manually or you can set automatically. Get more information click here>>

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