Aug 24, 2016
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HostGator Review

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PROS : HostGator’s basic plan offers unlimited subdomains and email accounts.

CONS : The company is one of the few to not offer a free domain name when you sign up for a plan.

VERDICT : With many unlimited features for a reasonable renewal subscription, HostGator is a fine domain hosting service to consider.

HostgatorHostGator is one of the domain hosting services to support green energy by investing in wind energy. The company has several shared web hosting plans based on how many domains you want or the type of security and other features you need. The company’s base plan, the Hatchling plan, includes support for a single domain name, which you can purchase for a typical yearly fee upon signing up for a plan. This is different from most comparable packages from other companies, which offer a free domain name when you sign up. You can also transfer a domain name you already own.

The HostGator basic domain hosting plan includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Most comparable companies offer unlimited bandwidth, while half offer unlimited disk space. Like other companies offering unlimited disk space, this feature comes with terms and conditions; the space can’t be used for storage, and HostGator reserves the right to cancel or not renew plans that use excessive disk space. Other unlimited features included with any HostGator shared hosting account includes unlimited sub domains and email accounts; most comparable services limit these features.

The company offers 24/7 support through phone, live chat or email. Your website data is backed up weekly, which is a great emergency backup feature that is sometimes an additional charge from comparable companies. You can also pay an additional fee per year for daily backups in case your website information changed regularly. You also have access to a community forum where you can ask questions from the community or search for answers as well as access an online support portal with video tutorials and articles that help walk you through common features and troubleshooting.

Included with the basic hosting plan is a shared SSL certificate; this security certificate protects your account and customers’ data during normal use or customer transactions. This is particularly necessary if you plan for an eCommerce feature on your website where customers input sensitive payment information. HostGator’s highest web hosting plan, the Business plan, offers a private SSL.


HostGator offers domain hosting services with several hosting package options. The basic package includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as no limit to the number of sub domains or email accounts you set up. Your HostGator site also includes a shared SSL certificate for security. With 24/7 live support you can access a variety of ways, HostGator is a reasonable consideration for domain hosting for individuals and small businesses.

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