Aug 21, 2016
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banner shines like a diamond in the rough among the many online services, e-dull. Its user-friendly interface and unique e-mail service has many competitors against. answer all your e-mail address with 5 GB of mail storage, up to 20 MB attachment, 5 GB free online storage and easy access to photo and POP3 access. In addition, you can read news, play games, send postcards and displayed downloads. is a robust messaging service, but in the end not only the battery-management integrated Web 2.0 capabilities of Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live. We found an e-mail excellent supplier who does not understand the safety of phishing attacks, and the lack of some features such as instant messaging and mobile access.


Safety: offers five levels of protection against spam, a spam-filter of “exclusive”. “With” exclusive “, that your” white list “will come to your inbox. You’ll also find them in your spam folder or delete it immediately. You can also block of HTML images and use a challenge / response protection against spam. The Challenge / Response is an additional protection from unknown senders.

We found that, despite the spam in our midst “means” most of our legitimate e-mails in our inbox arrived. However, many services that have signed, sent to the spam folder. The first time you open an account always check your spam folder. If spam will still reach your inbox, you can easily report

We were disappointed that offers no protection against phishing.

Features: includes some of the best elements of the organization of Internet mail. You can create custom folders with certain filters and sorting options. You can sort incoming e-mails “from” and “a”, “topic”, “body” and “Accessories”.

Have you ever had an e-mail with a question, a quick response received to this message, but forget what the original question? With You can send and receive messages in the “conversation” mode. Conversation mode is designed to ensure that happens. You can view your question and answer in a simple tabbed. includes an HTML editor and composer plain text. In addition, POP3 access.

Extras: includes 5 GB of online storage. This is the largest amount of free online storage on any of the free e-mail service we reviewed. In addition, a photo album for you to download, store or send pictures. You can also order prints by qoop. His paintings create calendars, mugs, T-shirts and be transferred.

You can make your skin, the fonts and the program “from”. For example, you can send your address and receive mail, but if you have an account with Yahoo, Hotmail or other e-mail service providers can deliver the message to, say that the examination schedule by email. All messages in this conversation further investigation is to your account will be filtered.

We were disappointed that does not offer any instant messaging program or mobile access, but you can download the toolbar and be alerted when new mail is received.

Support / Ease of Use: is easy to use and lightweight. All tools are clearly on top of the screen of your e-mail marked. Support area provides “no search function, which sometimes makes the features and functions were difficult, answered all our e-mail the next day.

Summary: ‘s own way in a conversation because of this great service for professionals and casual users is also an excellent e-mail provider for those who send the photos or the need for online storage. We found her protection against spam, to be stronger than many other instant messaging services of the freest and hope you are in a program to protect against phishing for the future.

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