Aug 21, 2016
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MySpace Review

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MySpace advantages are the ability to upload video, audio and image, and a blog. But blogs are not the business heart of MySpace, is the focal point of a social network MySpace.

MySpaceOne of the problems we have with MySpace in terms of blogs, not many people want to send their work colleagues or family to a Web site, type the user of recycled paper to MySpace shows. MySpace gives you a link to your blog, you can make your direct connection with someone, but realize if they had your blog is almost impossible to find. For example, to find more work-friendly blog, we have tried to find blogs about cars and dogs, gave us a list of links that have more to do with sex than cars or dogs.

If your main interest is in social networking and blogging non-professionals, then MySpace will work for you, otherwise try WordPress.


After a short registration to get your profile page with basic information like where you are, where and how to participate (ed) school. Additional information describing your personality, your likes and dislikes and interests.

You can profile your personality with custom skins that reflect on you or others created. You can choose the MySpace Profile Editor, change the colors and the source or can help you fill in your own HTML or CSS. One of the newest additions are applications on MySpace.Requests may also be games and polls, pictures, causes, various utilities and much more online. The profiles also available as photo albums, the ability to send and receive comments download dozens of pictures and add music and videos on your page.


Believe it or not, is the myspace respect your Privacy and complete control over the privacy settings in your profile. You can update your profile for everyone to see on MySpace, or use your settings in the “My Account” you restrict access to your friends, or block individual members.

Users must be at least 14 years old to join MySpace. MySpace profiles deleted those who lied about their age to receive a membership. In addition to removing visible when you are 14 to 17 years old, but present themselves as 18 years or more.

MySpace provides contact information where to report a suspected child-members, and inappropriate content. They also have a useful section on safety tips for users of MySpace and advice for parents, including instructions for parents to limit or eliminate want the profile of their children.


Each time you enter, you can see who is online and start a conversation, or search the profiles of other members. Clicking on the image of a member or a name, you can update your profile, comments, and invite your friends. If a new person in their circle can also add your friends network. After a few phone calls, the list of friends raise dozens of people. In addition, you can browse, register, and comments on hundreds of blogs and forums.

The many extras on MySpace: games, videos, music, books and events. Dozens of games are offered in MySpace, choose from six categories: action, arcade, card and board games, puzzles, sports and Word and questions. The numbers after the title game is played, the number of MySpace members. Click the “see who is online” and challenge anyone to a game. There is much to videos from MySpace, to see music videos, produced Videos Members and network and cable TV, courtesy of YouTube and Hulu. MySpace has teamed up with video site Hulu has full episodes of popular TV clips many.

According to the Times Myspace has developed mobile. You can receive free text alerts when someone send comments or sends you a message and downloaded mobile applications. The music is exceptional section is a huge database and is often used for new artists to promote their music. You can search music by artist, album or genre and access to the artist’s profile page. Read biographies of the artists listen to their songs and watch their videos and upload them to your profile page. You can also write comments, and in some cases, “friends” with the group to be.

MySpace has a wide range of groups for MySpace members, dealing with people who want to communicate share your interests. Join as many groups as desired. Choose from over 20 categories including games, sports and recreation, work, race, religion and belief, schools and education, and more. Next to each category group is a number that indicates how many groups in this category. 10,000 or more groups for each category, there is no shortage of possibilities.


MySpace makes it easy to find friends. If you can look for a specific person by name, display name or e-mail search. You can also search by school and interest. If you have a search box and select “Advanced go, you can specify your search by narrowing the data such as age, marital status, body type, lifestyle, sexual orientation or education.

Help / Support: 

MySpace has a FAQ section, which is extensive in all cases the use of minors to steal accounts. You also have the questions parents may have their teen’s profile on myspace safety section of the website.

Legal approach: 

MySpace encourage people connection is not accidental. They want you to know who is speaking or who’s friends or interests. Although it is not forbidden to make friends with strangers and foreigners are forbidden to communicate with you, the members are not flooded completely random friend requests.

However, some spam through.


MySpace until his reputation social networking site that started it all with a full set of features, the community of the greater world, and a vibrant music scene. There is a wide range of networking features allows you to communicate with other members and the opportunity to design your profile page, it is an excellent resource for expression. Other features allow MySpace members to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite TV shows and videos created by users. It’s hard to get bored while browsing MySpace.

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