Aug 3, 2016
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The 6 Words that Are Holding You Back

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It is no secret that words have power. For example, you probably would not say a potential supplier, “not shrink because their product is terrible.” Instead, we can say: “I do not think their offer is the best for us at this time System” There is a big difference, as the recipient of this information means that the first on the way. Listen to the second and as a professional and decent people, we are so sensitive.

So it is strange why we use hurtful words when we do talk about our own ability or willingness what it takes to achieve our goals. When we talk about ourselves, we tend to use names that are reducing our ability and our confidence in our ability. The effect of these words on the confidence that others have of us is bad enough. It is worse that influence the decisions we make and actions we take.

The words that we use, even if only in our minds, say a lot about our attitude and attitude is everything. In business, there are certain things that appear to be beyond our control, such as waiting for a potential customer to the trigger for us or for the adjustment of our leaders to take finally to offer a well-deserved promotion. But we can control the words we use, whether explicitly or implicitly, and in turn control our attitude. If you is your attitude about the situation negative, are the words that you use, on the situation and the likelihood that their actions and decisions to this are in the way. And if the words you use to have a negative connotation or limit, even if our attitude is positive, the negative words can really change our attitude in a negative way.
Beware of the following:

Should, Shouldn’t. People always tell us what we should or should not do, and actually do the same thing themselves. The reality is that nothing should or should not do. What matters is what you need to do is and what he is willing to or want to do. If he says you should do or not do something, make a value judgment on it, but that does not always mean you make the right decision. Do the right thing. Always.

Have to. Have now a thing. There are very few things you have to do in life and breath, is one of them. All you need to do, because it, because the alternative or the effect is not worth no more than its ability to do so.

Can, Can’t. You can? Size. But the question is, do you think? The word “may” is apparently harmless, but has a negative connotation. Think about it. Choose something that you say you can do. Perhaps “the land which the customer can” or now “I can for my company get financing.” To change the word “may” “will.” To Some say it’s semantics, but it is a big difference in how we think about the situation in which there is, say against you. You can not move from one site, but a possibility, without action. Nothing canned it says it will.

“You can not”, rather it is a way to escape. If you say you can not, you say there is no way, or you can not. Not correct. What you are really saying when he says, “not” is “I do not want.” You must stop saying and what you can not do something because really, you can do what you want and do what he wants to do.

Impossible. And speaking of “you can not” Can you imagine if the Wright brothers said flying was impossible? (Well, the Wright brothers were traveling the first in fact was of German origin, Gustave Whitehead). But no matter who is credited with someone, it was possible to believe had to do. Once convinced that something is possible, is the rest, to find a way, and then take action. Sure, you might fail a few times before finding success, but to say what is impossible to do so. There must be at least a small part of you that it is possible to believe before he can make things happen.

If you want your own way and stop remember to act now. see For starters, what to obtain the previous six words often in your thoughts and verbal communication. Consider whether the record contains the words, is really the truth. calls itself, you find a better way (or say) to think what it really means.

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