Aug 22, 2016
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Windows Live Mail

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The era of MSN Hotmail has come and gone. Microsoft continues its best and brightest of the reorganization of the Hotmail and Yahoo give Google a run for their money. They offer a huge 25 GB memory and incoming mail is spam-filtering intuitive, virus detection and the inbox of the organization. Taking into account the many features like Windows Live Messenger, online data storage with OneDrive and various data and entertainment services from Microsoft Live Hotmail player 1.0 simplifies seem antiquated 8-track. When a devotee helps long Hotmail, Windows Live, you, your old ID or MSN Hotmail at the same time offers a new and more established. Windows Live is fast, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft, Web, administrative officer and the domination of the software. All the great features and extras with a Windows Live connected flights only to Google, the DA in terms of functionality and usability around.

Windows Live HotmailSafety: 

Although spam is sometimes, but Windows Live, spam filter is sufficient. If you receive spam, simply branded as such, and will never repeat to your inbox. You can choose from three levels of filtering waste included low, enhanced,  and exclusive. Windows Live also analyzes all incoming and outgoing e-mail from viruses, but also that the images of the block and limit downloads are sure to please you agree with it. Black lists, the restrict the e-mail addresses and domains.

Windows Live is very successful in reducing the phishing scam.”He can incoming messages from known phishing block but some unscrupulous news enter your inbox.”


With Windows Live you can organize your Inbox folders and filters.You can sort all incoming emails into specific folders. You can then e-mail from work, family, book club, PTA or other category that your heart desires. In addition, you can search your Inbox or other folders when looking for a specific message. You can make your address book and contacts from Facebook.

Windows Live includes a text editor with spell checker, dictionary and thesaurus. Fortunately, unlike the old days of Hotmail, Windows Live, HTML composer and functions of the Council are fully functional, even if you use Firefox, Opera or Chrome. The only serious problem with Windows Live are concerns of his constant and persistent malaise. Every week or two, a component of Windows Live requesting a confirmation e-mail, an updated list, or other miscellaneous information. We hope that doesn’t only a crude attempt to gather data.


Windows Live includes many more features to complement your e-mail account. After the norm these days, is a lighter version of the full suite of Windows Live for mobile users. In the mobile version, you can e-mail, chat, updates, and manage photos, blogs and create documents, as you did in the version of weight. Instant Windows Live Messenger is a renewal of some of the last two years and now includes full support for Yahoo and allows video chat for free.

In view of the practical functions and productivity, Windows Live Calendar, reminders, and a number of social networking tools and activities shared.

Support / Ease of Use: 

We have a Windows Live is a comprehensive help. All our questions were easy to find using the search function or the FAQ.

Although we are not, often experience many difficulties with their e-mail and instant-messaging service, we sometimes have trouble accessing. The Windows Live package is complete, but sometimes temperamental.


Windows Live has come a long way since its humble beginnings Hotmail. Provides a great service e-mail spam and spam-filter suitable. In addition, Windows Live is always new features to Windows Live Messenger. We love the variety of extras are under the Live. The seamless integration of Windows Live, Xbox Live Hotmail and eliminates the hassle multiple usernames and passwords, account is everything. Windows 7 to the horizon, we expect an even better integration of Windows Live with PCs and other devices at home.

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